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$1000 Self Care Giveaway

$1000 Self Care Giveaway

Is it just me or are people losing it lately? 

People are walking around with chips on their shoulders ready to snap. I think we could all use a little self awareness and self care. 

Not just your skin, either. Your mental health, your heart, your peace, your spiritual nutrition. Make sure it’s all where it should be. 

We’re headed into a season of joy and yet it’ll no doubt be the season of ugly as the election draws near and people reveal their intolerance more and more. 

I hope we all head into September prepared mentally and emotionally. I hope it’s a time to celebrate the holiday season, your family, your health, and all we HAVE, rather than all that we’ve lost in 2020’s spiral of events. 

With that said, I think it’s time for another big giveaway. My biggest giveaway yet. 

This time, I’m branching out… I’m not afraid of pampering myself and I want you to do the same!

I’ve always believed it was up to me to make myself comfortable, to pamper myself, to treat myself like I’m deserving. I’m not waiting for someone else to do it.  I know how to take time out for myself and reset.

I want to help you do the same so I’ll be including my favorite luxury candles, silk, pjs (yes, I will actually buy you my favorite pjs.), supplements to help you feel your best and sleep better, hair masks, face masks, body treatments, tea, bath and body products, and more.  

Not to mention the most exciting skincare product I’ve found to date (that’s bold isn’t it? Just wait ). 

Sept 1st through November 30th I’ll share my favorites with you and you’ll be entered into the giveaway for every $150 you spend on products. 

I have over $1000 in pampering to give away so far  

Let’s head into the next season taking care of OURSELVES, improving ourselves. You can focus on others, or you can focus on yourself. Then, you can make all the difference.  

Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook. I will announce the winner on social media and contact them through email. If I haven’t heard back in 48 hours, another name will randomly be selected. 

Good Luck!

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