Lola Glow

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Salam’s Before & After

“I can never put into words how appreciative I am of Sarah for all that she’s done for not only my skin but my self-confidence as well. Skincare is her passion and it will become yours too!”

Salam A.

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Studio Before & After

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Vicki F’s Before/After

“Sarah helped me understand why I needed to correct the inside before I could achieve my glow on the outside. Now finally, at 40, I no longer suffer from acne, but instead have healthy, glowing skin.”

-Vicki F

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Ariana’s Before & After

“I’m an esthetician myself and while attending a chemical peel class, the instructor did a demo on me. It was a horrible experience that left me with zero confidence so much so that I hated leaving the house.   I learned about Sarah through a family member who……”

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Kayla H’s Before/After

“Through Sarah’s coaching, I’ve finally achieved the results I want. With newly found hormonal issues, she has continued to help me offset the side effects it’s trying to take on my skin while slowing down the process of aging. Sarah has been a huge blessing to not only my skin journey, but my overall health as well!”

-Kayla H

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