Be A Step Ahead Of Your Pigmentation

One of the keys to managing skin discoloration that can easily appear during the hot summer months is to exfoliate regularly. This can be done with Lira’s Pro Cleanser and the Anti Aging Pads. However, people get worried about doing so when spending more time outdoors since some exfoliating acids (like AHA’s) and retinol can make the skin slightly more sensitive. As long as you’re not seeking a tan and are diligent about your sun protection habits, it’s business as usual with your acids. If you’re going to the beach or lake, skip exfoliation a couple of nights before but then get right back on track. If you REALLY want to keep pigmentation at bay, add in a melanin suppressant like the ones found in the Pro Lite Serum and BB Brite. Attack from all angles 

Exfoliation that lightens pigmentation:

Lira’s Anti-Aging Pro Pads (also known as the GLOW pads!)

For a gentler exfoliation, try:

Lira’s Pro Exfoliating Cleanser

To lighten AND SUPPRESS pigmentation, try:

Lira’s BB Brite as your sunscreen and primer

Lira’s Pro Lite Serum. Apply this serum as your first step after cleansing. Use morning and night. Allow the serum to penetrate your skin and work it’s magic before continuing on with your next product.