I’ll be VERY honest with you… I was NOT initially excited about this new release. Lira’s original C15 booster is an absolute favorite of mine and I couldn’t get on board with the possibility of making it EVEN BETTER. Plus, there was a time where brands were jumping on the CBD bandwagon and I wasn’t impressed. In fact, I was kind of “over it.”

As I started to learn more about the process Lira was taking, the more intrigued I became. For example, the delivery system increases efficacy and access for nutrients. An intentional ratio is used for maximum benefit, carefully and deliberately sourced. This Power Entourage is a dynamic synergy of terpene-rich MASQ-technology with Cannabidiol. This product wasn’t created overnight and it shows! Upon first application, you’ll notice just how different it is. Your skin instantly looks luminous and feels like silk… but that’s just the beginning…

The new Mystiq Infused C regulates melanocyte activity and suppresses sporadic hyperactivity to brighten and maintain even skin tone using CBD, BV-OSC, MASQ-tech™, Glutathione, and the Omegalight® to name a few!

 Omegalight is a powerful tyrosinase inhibitor, It brightens the complexion, reduces the size of pigment spots on the surface & at the deepest levels, and prevents pigment spots from forming.

This is a  game-changer in both corrective skincare as well as CBD products available on the market. Lira has created a product that brings correction to all skin types, even the most sensitive. 

This product combines the scientific advances we’ve come to love from Lira. This is NOT your everyday CBD product! It’s a powerhouse of ingredients all combined together to create optimal health and correction for all skin types. 

It’s a brightening, balancing, hydrating, age fighting power house product that is excellent for all skin types, tones and conditions. It’s unique and not comparable to any traditional classification. 

Key Benefits:

· Exclusive Power Entourage of terpene-rich MASQ-techTM and clinical cannabidiol

· Strong cytoprotective benefits prevent oxidative stress

· Increases epidermal cohesion strengthening skin’s barrier function

· Encourages healthy cell proliferation restructuring the dermal matrix

· Suppresses melanocyte activity maintaining even skin tone

· Brightens and refines skin’s surface

· Use on all skin types and conditions including sensitive and compromised skin

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