Regeneration Booster: The Science Backed Product That Caught My Attention.

This is going to be a long one so stay with me! 

“SKIN DOPING” is a term used in regards to people utilizing human growth factors on their skin. 

What are human growth factors? 

Human growth factors are messengers received by specific receptor sites on the surface of skin cells stimulating cell division and multiplication. For example, transforming growth factor (TGF) stimulates collagen production and epidermal growth factor stimulates skin-cell production.

Growth factors play a pivotal role in maintaining firmness and elasticity in your skin. Daily use of skin care products containing growth factors are known to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and improve skin tone and texture.


We all have growth factors in our skin but when used in skincare products, WHERE do they come from??

This is where it gets controversial and the reason why I decided not to carry them. 

Growth factors are proteins derived from stem cells found in plants, animals and humans that help regenerate the skin. They are found throughout the body and work by renewing skin cells, which creates younger, healthier looking skin.

Found in abundance throughout the body, growth factors are large proteins that float between cells communicating crucial messages relevant to growth, healing, and survival. They’re manufactured by all types of cells. In the skin, this includes those comprising both the outermost epidermal layer and the deeper dermis. We’re talking the keratinocytes you can plainly see in the mirror, and the fibroblasts (collagen factories) and melanocytes (pigment-making cells) deep down below. When these signaling proteins bind to receptors on cell surfaces, they can send commands to replicate, repair, and rejuvenate.

Human Growth Factors… When used in skincare, they are considered a “soup” because they contain all sorts of different sources. However, I’ll let you use your imagination as to where companies obtain them. Something I personally don’t feel comfortable with in my studio. I’m not going to get into what’s right and wrong based on my beliefs. It’s a decision I’m comfortable with.  

For YEARS I’ve wanted to use growth factors and looked for plant growth factors just to be disappointed. 

I came across this Regeneration Booster and immediately became interested because the company has published more research (REAL RESEARCH) than any other company. So much so, even my husband researched this one with me and was impressed. And he’s NOT a skincare guy. (Side note, like everything else, I’m not impressed with ALL of their products but found some super stars!)

I’ve been using it. I love it. I won’t go without it anymore! Do you NEED IT? No. Is it necessary in balancing your barrier? No. But it will. Do you WANT it if you want to take your anti aging to the next level? YES!!! It’s like the icing on the cake for anti aging. 

They call it “Skin Doping” because it’s like cheating. And this time, I’ll cheat!!! I’ll take it! 

If it’s NOT human growth factors, what is it? PEPTIDES! It’s a synthetic version (exactly the way I want my growth factors). 

A baby’s skin in the womb was studied after the baby needed surgery while still in the womb. The baby’s skin, full of growth factors, healed, repaired, and renewed itself at optimal levels as you would expect. Peptides were created in a petri dish in a lab to mimic your own growth factors. 

What makes the Rejuvenation Booster special? It utilizes a patented combination of cutting edge anti-aging ingredients for maximum skin rejuvenation. This patented formulation is the only product on the market to utilize cycloastrogenol. 

Cycloastragenol is a molecule isolated from various species in the genus Astragalus that is purported to have telomerase activation activity. A preliminary in vitro study on human CD4 and CD8 T cells found that cycloastragenol may moderately increase telomerase activity and inhibit the onset of cellular senescence.




  1. a compound structure at the end of a chromosome.

Telomere Rejuvenation stops the clock on aging.

Another recent study published on February 6, 2018 by scientists at the Spanish National Cancer research Center highlighted our ability to trigger telomerase  activation and elongation, reversing the signs of aging. As science has proven, lengthening of telomeres is an unmistakable sign of cell rejuvenation.

What to expect? 

Improved appearance of wrinkles, texture, pore size, elasticity, skin clarity, uniformity, and hydration. 

Key Ingredients:


•TGF-Beta -1 (Transforming Gowrth •Factor RH- polypeptide -22)

•Epidermal growth factors (ah-Oligopeptide-1)

•Keratinocyte Growth Factor (sh-Polypeptide- 3). 

•anti aging peptides

•green tea extract 

•Coenzyme Q10

•hyluronic acid

•essential fatty acids

Growth Factors don’t come cheap. You can expect that. This product retails at $215. This isn’t for someone who doesn’t cleanse their skin daily. This is for people who are REALLY into perfecting their skin and take AntiAging seriously. 

Starting tomorrow new  products will be 20% off July 11th-19th. 

If products show “out of stock” on my website, message me and I will MAKE SURE you receive the item at a discount. ♥️